Welcome to our world of emotions, thoughts, music, visuals, joy, and pain, blended with all the other wondrous elements of life…

Unen Works is an independent arts & entertainment company in Los Angeles, founded by Unen in 2020. We are dedicated to producing and collaborating in film, music, and literary projects based on original ideas.

Our values are:

  • Creativity — Don’t we owe all those beauties and divine that we admire to creativity?
  • Questioning — And the enlightenment started with asking questions.
  • Honesty — If you don’t want to get lost in millions of fake paths.
  • Courage — As fear and hesitation can be the biggest jeopardies.
  • Collaboration — It takes two to Tango—and many more to dance ballet, right?
  • Love & respect— Hearts work better when not broken!


REMAKING MARTIN, an inspirational sci-fi novel by UNEN is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other retailers worldwide.

To know him better, you can enjoy FREE SAMPLES from his works.